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Rebecca Adderson

Signature Project Title: Evaporate into the Cumulus

Descriptor: Inspirational and contemplative installation for university students

Spaces can often be a sanctuary for people, to retreat from their hectic, fast paced or troubled lifestyles. This project offers the user a space to contemplate and relax, to either forget about their worries or look further into what is troubling them in an environment which encourages them to feel calm and safe.
A multi-sensory space using sound, light and textures evocative of comfort and relaxation. The space encourages users to have open body language, through the carefully considered position of the stairs, seating and lighting. These elements alter the users mental state encouraging ‘high power poses’ a form of body language and posture control intended to change physiological states of the body. Dynamic lighting in the space will play a huge part in creating the atmosphere of the design, responding to the how the space is occupied throughout the day.