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Leonor Peixoto

Signature Project Title: Scope Norwich

Descriptor: Community co-creation tool kit for building social spaces in urban settings

Inspirational spaces are sculptural, social and contemplation spaces with different purposes depending on the concept and its location. They can be used as a rehabilitation tool to bring communities together and revitalize forgotten spaces. Employing co-design practices, where designers and community members collaborate to produce bespoke design responses to social needs through spaces for gathering, relaxing, or simply somewhere to eat. The project consists of a kit of elements that when assembled, creates three different adaptable pieces that can be tailored to the space and to the people using it. Soft natural materials are used to enhance a sense of comfort, and to help people relax and feel safe. The construction and geometry of the components is a direct response to the harsh and formal language of the urban environment, promoting feelings of pleasantness, through diverse stimulation.