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Laura Kidd

Signature Project Title: Contemporary Tiny Living

Descriptor: Modular and expandable urban living for young professionals

The tiny house movement has provoked a revolution to build small with big ideas, challenging the notions of the archetypal home by defying standard residential expectations. Small-scale temporary dwellings that offer the same level of comfort, efficiency and shelter could answer a growing demand for new urban housing, whilst keeping living and purchase prices within the reach of first-time buyers.
One of the biggest problems a tiny home carries is the isolation of being unable to house more than one person effectively, this proposal for Contemporary Tiny Living offers a modular construction that can be stacked or expanded in the form of prefabricated spaces to accommodate young professionals as they develop their careers alongside their personal lives. This method allows of confronting the housing crisis and promote a simplistic, multi-functional and efficient way of living in a city centre.