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Jade Inman

Signature Project Title: Housing the Mind

Descriptor: Flexible new build homes with inclusivity and well-being in mind

Housing the mind is a new concept for residential design with the intention of enhancing the inhabitant’s well-being. Provide long term health benefits through ecological construction and well-being through autonomy and choice. This design seeks to find a balance between affordable new homes and sustainable building practices through adaption and flexibility, allowing the home to grow and change with the users.
The proposal is intended to provide as much customisation as possible to allow the home to adapt to the users changing needs though different life stages, from new families to the elderly, each individual has the opportunity to personalise the space to their own requirements helping them to create their own aesthetic, enhancing well-being through choice and autonomy. The designs construction of swappable panels allows for easy adaption of spaces without altering the fabric of the building, enabling easy additions and removal of partition walls or inclusive devices such as stair lift without compromising the contemporary aesthetic.