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Cairo Hill

Signature Project Title: Under Wraps

Descriptor: New concepts for lifestyle retailing through social media and curated spaces

Since the beginning of the twentieth century retail has needed to adapt to the advancement of technology. Whilst the positive aspect of being accessible everywhere to everyone, the internet has caused growing concern for the high street. With the ability to sit in the comfort of your own home, look for cheaper deals and read reviews, the internet has become a more time effective way to shop but less engaging, therefore customers are better informed but less loyal.
This has caused traditional brick and mortar retailing to suffer, Under Wraps aims to look towards new ideals for an experience economy, to create a unique consumer experience. The added value of Socialising and the feeling of relatedness towards a lifestyle is a legitimate psychological need that influences people’s shopping behaviour. The retail sector needs to change with customer’s expectations embracing a mix of traditional editorial print and connection on social media to create a shared experience of curated people and products.