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Bethany Pope

Signature Project Title: Forgotten to First Class Living

Descriptor: Urban regeneration through the redevelopment of vacant buildings

City centres are among the most desirable areas of the country for young professionals to live, however high prices and low availability have made this impossible for current and emerging generations. Norwich is typical of this problem, with a high demand for urban living mainly down to young, single professionals that want to enjoy living in the city and be close to their place of employment.
The purpose of Urban Residential Renewal is to provide this target market with affordable luxury accommodation by converting an unoccupied building in a prime location. The riverside provides light, spacious views of the city centre, for a range of stylish high spec modern apartments. Key to the conversion of the building is making best possible use of natural light and open plan living to create a sense of space and luxury. The apartments are created around a busy but affluent lifestyle, designed to encourage young people to enjoy working and living in the city.