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Amy Charter


Signature Project Title: A Common Sense of Place

Descriptor: Communal space within a co-housing scheme for socialising and well-being

The principle of co-housing encompasses the possibility of private space and a sense of community by introducing communal activities to a privatised life style. Co-housing moves away from the heavily fenced landscape that are being created and moves housing into a state of well-being, a willingness from people to help their neighbours, and the chance to be a part of a collective. Co-housing homes aren’t designed within the profit margin of the developers, they are created by the people who plan to create their lives there.
This design concept is for the common house within the Sussex street co-housing cohort. The space will employ Earth ship and Passive house principles to create an energy efficient and sustainable building. The common house will be the heart of the cooperative as well as a multi-functional space used for a variety of activities. The design aims to create a modular space that can be easily adapted to every event and enjoyed by everyone within the community.